Criminal Damage and Arson Offences: 90% Unsolved in Past Year, Labour Vows to Increase Neighbourhood Officers

London, UK (AP) — Of the more than half a million criminal damage and arson cases reported in the last year, over 90 percent went unsolved, according to new figures released by the Home Office. The data revealed that 62 percent of these cases did not make it to court, with law enforcement struggling to identify suspects in 51,000 instances and with 102,000 cases being closed due to lack of victim support.

This revelation has sparked widespread criticism, with the Labour party accusing the Ministry of Justice of failing both victims and the public by allowing criminals to escape justice. In response, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has pledged to address the rise in unsolved crimes by increasing the number of neighborhood officers by 13,000 and fast-tracking the recruitment of 7,000 detectives.

In an interview with The Sun, Cooper emphasized the damaging impact of antisocial behavior and vandalism on local communities and small businesses. She proposed the introduction of Respect Orders to address repeat offenders and making attacks on shop workers a standalone offense.

The staggering rate of unsolved criminal damage and arson cases has raised concerns about the effectiveness of law enforcement in the UK. Cooper’s promise to bolster the number of officers and detectives is aimed at restoring public confidence in the justice system and creating safer, more secure communities.

In the past year, over 90% of criminal damage and arson offenses in the UK went unsolved, prompting criticism from the Labour party and a pledge from Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper to increase the number of law enforcement officers and detectives to address the issue.