Confession: Man Admits to Saturday’s Deadly Haltom City Shooting, Police Confirm

HALTOM CITY, Texas – A man has confessed to being involved in the deadly shooting that occurred in Haltom City on Saturday, according to the local police department.

The shooting took place on Saturday and resulted in a fatality, with the suspect now in custody and admitting to his role in the incident.

Haltom City, a suburb located northeast of Fort Worth, has been reeling from the tragic shooting that took place over the weekend, leaving the community in shock.

The police have not released the identity of the victim or the suspect, but they have confirmed that the suspect is cooperating with the investigation.

Law enforcement officials are still working to determine the motive behind the shooting and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

The residents of Haltom City are coming together to support the victim’s family and to seek justice for the senseless act of violence that has shaken their community. As the investigation continues, the authorities are urging anyone with relevant information to assist in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

In Haltom City, Texas, a man has confessed to his involvement in a deadly shooting, while the community remains in shock and the police continue their investigation to bring justice to the victim and their family.