Chinese Business Couple Attacked and Robbed in Phakalane Home Invasion

Gaborone, Botswana – Authorities are currently investigating a disturbing incident involving a Chinese business couple who were attacked and robbed in their home in Phakalane. According to reports, three unknown armed men broke into the residence early on a Saturday morning, threatening the couple with sharp objects and what appeared to be a gun while demanding money.

Superintendent Obusitswe Lokae, the commander of the Broadhurst Police Station, stated that the criminals ransacked the house, causing extensive damage in their search for money. The perpetrators managed to escape with a significant amount of cash, phones, a laptop, ATM cards, and even the couple’s Toyota Hiace truck. The total value of the stolen items, including the vehicle, is estimated to be quite substantial.

Despite the severity of the attack and the significant losses suffered by the victims, the authorities have not yet been able to apprehend the suspects responsible for the crime. Investigations are underway to track down the perpetrators and recover the stolen items, particularly the stolen vehicle.

In addition to the material possessions taken during the robbery, the Chinese business couple also sustained physical injuries as a result of the violent attack. The assailants reportedly beat the victims as they demanded money, leaving them with bruises and trauma from the ordeal.

Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation. The safety and security of residents, regardless of their background or nationality, is a top priority for law enforcement agencies in Phakalane and the surrounding areas.