Candlelight Vigil Held in Monticello to Honor Family Killed in Michigan House Explosion

MONTICELLO, Ark. – The community of Monticello, Arkansas, has been reeling from the tragic loss of Don and Hope Bragg, along with two of their children, Kenneth and Elizabeth, who were killed in a devastating house explosion in Michigan last week. To honor their memory and show support for the surviving son, Stephen, a candlelight vigil was held at the Monticello High School stadium, a place deeply connected to the Bragg family.

Stephen, who attends Monticello High School, is currently recovering from the explosion, as is his grandfather. The vigil not only served as a remembrance for the family but also as a show of unity and support for Stephen and his surviving family members.

Scott Kuttenkuler, a family friend, spoke of the Bragg family’s significant impact on their community, highlighting their involvement in various local activities and organizations, from hosting annual super bowl parties to participating in 4-H, boy scouts, and the school band.

The gathering at the event reflected the lasting impact of the Bragg family’s involvement, with people coming together to share stories, laughs, and tears, all while holding candles in tribute.

Maggie Fakouri, a schoolmate of Stephen, emphasized the small-town solidarity as the community comes together to support their friend in his recovery, missing his presence in their classes and wishing for his speedy return.

The vigil served as a collective expression of love and support for the Bragg family and a demonstration of unity for Stephen’s ongoing recovery. The community’s deep connection to the family and their enduring legacy of kindness were evident throughout the event. Grieving the loss of the Braggs, the community has also rallied around Stephen and his wellbeing, underscoring the unwavering strength and solidarity of Monticello, Arkansas.