Campus Surveillance Video Captures Deadly Rampage at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada – Newly released video footage of a tragic shooting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, reveals a campus police officer engaging in a deadly shootout with a gunman who had targeted professors at the school. The incident, which resulted in the deaths of three professors and left another critically injured, unfolded in a span of 10 minutes of terror last December.

The gunman, identified as a 67-year-old former business professor named Anthony Polito from North Carolina, had been denied applications to teach at UNLV. Armed with a legally purchased 9mm handgun and carrying multiple bullet magazines, he arrived at the campus with a list of names, although none of the victims were on that list.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, recently released 20 hours of surveillance footage from the campus and officer body cameras, as well as over an hour of 911 calls made during the incident. The footage captures the chaos that ensued as gunshots rang out in the business school building, leading to a frantic evacuation of the area by terrified students and faculty.

Campus security officers and Las Vegas police quickly responded to the scene, with one officer seen diving behind a patrol vehicle to return fire at the gunman, ultimately taking him down. The recordings of 911 calls depict the panic and fear experienced by those caught in the midst of the deadly rampage, with one father contacting authorities after receiving a message from his daughter hiding in a classroom.

The video footage also shows the injured professor being assisted by officers as he emerges from the building before collapsing outside. Despite the tragic events, UNLV President Keith Whitfield provided an update stating that the wounded professor, a visiting faculty member, is steadily improving and undergoing rehabilitation.

This incident, occurring just a few miles from the site of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat of gun violence in the United States. Amidst the release of the video footage and 911 recordings, authorities continue to investigate the motives behind the deadly rampage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.