Brooklyn Nets set NBA record with historic three-point shooting display against Chicago Bulls

NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Nets showcased an impressive display of sharpshooting in their recent game against the Chicago Bulls, setting a new NBA record for three-pointers made in a half. The Nets, known for their reliance on the three-point line, delivered a stellar performance that highlighted their offensive capabilities.

Guard Cam Thomas reflected on the team’s exceptional shooting performance, emphasizing the importance of consistency throughout the game. Despite a slightly underwhelming start in the first half, the Nets exploded in the second half, sinking an impressive 18-of-24 shots from beyond the arc.

Leading up to this game, the Nets had struggled with their three-point shooting, hitting just 29% in the previous six games. The sudden turnaround against a formidable opponent like the Bulls provided a much-needed boost for Brooklyn as they push towards securing a spot in the Eastern Conference play-in tournament.

Thomas and the rest of the team acknowledged the significance of their remarkable shooting performance, recognizing the impact it had on the outcome of the game. The Nets’ ability to maintain their shooting consistency throughout the game proved to be a crucial factor in their victory over the Bulls.

Looking ahead, the Brooklyn Nets will aim to build on this impressive win and continue their pursuit of a postseason berth. With their three-point shooting firing on all cylinders, the Nets have demonstrated their potential to be a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Fans can expect more electrifying performances from this dynamic team as they strive for success in the remainder of the season.