Armenian Patriarchate Warns of Existential Threat to Ancient Community Amid East Jerusalem Attack

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem has raised concerns over the safety of the city’s historic Armenian community, describing the recent attack by masked men as an “existential threat.” The incident, which is believed to have been carried out by Israeli settlers, targeted the Armenian Quarter in occupied East Jerusalem, resulting in the assault of residents and Orthodox clergy members.

Authorities at the Armenian Patriarchate have expressed disappointment in the lack of action taken by the police in response to the attack. They have called for an investigation into two individuals, Danny Rothman and George Warwar, accusing them of orchestrating the criminal assault on the Armenian Patriarchate and the local community. The involvement of the named pair in disputed land acquisition deals within the Armenian Quarter has further heightened tensions, with residents pointing fingers at Mr. Warwar for organizing the assault.

The Patriarchate’s statement emphasized the severity of the situation, indicating that the lives of bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians, and indigenous Armenians are at risk. The attack comes in the midst of escalating violence in East Jerusalem and the West Bank following the recent conflict initiated by Hamas on October 7th.

With settler attacks on Palestinians on the rise, there is growing concern about the safety and security of minority communities in the region. The Armenian Patriarchate’s plea for intervention from the Israeli government and police highlights the urgent need for measures to safeguard vulnerable communities in Jerusalem.

The Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem is calling for an immediate investigation into the attack on the Armenian Quarter, expressing concerns for the safety of the historic Armenian community in the region. The patriarchal authorities have also urged the Israeli government and police to address the escalating violence and take action to protect vulnerable communities in East Jerusalem.