Alaska Man Sentenced to 300 Years for Triple Murder in Precious Metals Heist Gone Awry

Anchorage, Alaska – Anthony Pisano, a man convicted of the triple murder during a precious metals heist at the Bullion Brothers store, has been sentenced to spend 300 years in prison by Alaska Superior Court Judge Jack McKenna. The sentencing followed a long legal process that included delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a previous trial ending in a hung jury.

The victims of the tragedy included Steven Cook, the store’s co-owner and a friend of Pisano, as well as employees Daniel McCreadie and Kenneth Hartman. After a second trial that lasted over three months, Pisano was convicted on 10 counts, including three counts of first-degree murder in November 2023.

During the trial, the prosecution relied on testimonies from Michael Dupree, a former friend of Pisano and the store’s co-owner. Dupree described the events leading to the murders, pointing out the senseless violence committed by Pisano. The defense argued that Pisano acted in self-defense when he shot Hartman and McCreadie, but the prosecution contended that the killings were premeditated.

At the sentencing hearing, emotional statements were made by the victims’ families, emphasizing the devastating impact of the murders. Cook’s father used a visual metaphor to express grief, holding up a picture of a hollowed-out metal statue to illustrate the pain they have endured.

Pisano received the maximum sentence of 99 years for each murder, along with an additional five-year sentence for assaulting Dupree. The court considered Pisano’s actions, including soliciting another inmate to murder Dupree, as evidence of premeditation and a lack of remorse.

The Department of Law highlighted the seriousness of Pisano’s crimes, noting that he posed a threat to anyone who crossed his path. The sentencing aims to bring justice to the victims and their families, ensuring that Pisano faces the consequences of his actions.