55-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Murder of Elderly Man in Litchfield, Maine

Litchfield, Maine – In a tragic incident that left the community in shock, a 90-year-old man named Gerald Marin was discovered dead at his home on Hallowell Road. Maine State Police determined his death to be a homicide after a family member contacted authorities on Saturday, May 18th.

Investigations led to the arrest of 55-year-old Shari Allimah from Lewiston on suspicion of murder. Allimah, who was already detained at Androscoggin County Jail on related charges, now faces a murder charge in connection with Marin’s death.

As the case unfolds, questions surround the circumstances leading to Marin’s death and the relationship between him and Allimah. Authorities are working tirelessly to uncover the truth and provide justice for the victim and his family.

The community in Litchfield is reeling from the tragic turn of events, coming to terms with the loss of a beloved member. Marin’s memory lives on, as neighbors and loved ones come together to support each other during this challenging time.

Allimah’s arrest raises further inquiries into the events that transpired at Marin’s residence, shedding light on a possible motive and the sequence of events that led to his untimely death. The investigation continues as authorities seek to piece together the puzzle and bring closure to the case.

As more details emerge, the community remains vigilant, offering support to the affected families and cooperating with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served. The impact of Marin’s death resonates throughout Litchfield, prompting a unified effort to seek justice and find solace in the midst of tragedy.